About the National Academy of Design

The National Academy of Design promotes art and architecture in America through exhibition, education, and research.

Founded in 1825, the National Academy is the leading honorary society for visual artists and architects in the United States. We advocate for the arts as a tool for education, celebrate the role of artists and architects in public life, and serve as a catalyst for cultural conversations that propel society forward.

At the core of our mission are the National Academicians, a vibrant community of 450 artists and architects selected by their peers in recognition of their extraordinary contributions to art and architecture in America. Representing a wide cross-section of practice, the Academicians embody our shared belief in the power of art and architecture to change society and enrich lives. Through their individual work and collective initiatives, the Academicians support their communities, their peers, and the next generation of creative thinkers.

About the Annual Exhibition

First held in 1826 and continued regularly until 2015, the Annual Exhibition of the National Academy of Design served as a public forum for new work and ideas in contemporary art and architecture. Taking various forms over the years–in some years it was limited to the work of National Academicians only, while in others it was open by invitation or selection to a wider group of practitioners–the Annual was a yearly snapshot of the interests and inspirations of some of the country’s leading artists and architects. With e pluribus: Out of Many, the National Academy of Design revives the tradition of Annual Exhibition–albeit in digital form, in light of the pandemic–to explore what impact the past year of change and upheaval has had on art and culture in America.

e pluribus: Out of Many

Exhibition Credits

Curator: Dr. Kelli Morgan
Exhibition Manager: Angie Day
Designer: Linked by Air