Richard Haas, Old St. Paul's and Cemetery


Since last March I have mostly worked in my home in Yonkers with the TV as my chief distraction. I worked mostly on small/medium drawings in colored pencil along with small to medium acrylics on canvas. My nearly endless archive of digital photos along with my large book collection extended my sources. The city, city plans, and aerial studies of cities along with landscapes from around the world aided by shots from the Hubble Telescope also helped. The work I am submitting for the virtual exhibition, however, was started before COVID began and finished during isolation. It depicts the pre-revolutionary St. Paul Chapel along with its ancient cemetery in the foreground and the modern city that surrounds it. We all know about its connection to 9/11 and its survival throughout history. That enduring survival is part of what we see here in our current plight as a city today.
Artwork Info
Date 2018
Dimensions 48 x 36 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Artist Info
Born Spring Green, WI
Works New York, NY


Richard Haas was born in Spring Green, WI in 1936. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where he received a B.S. in Art and Art Education in 1959 and went on to receive an MFA from the University of Minnesota in 1964. Since 1968, he has been a New York-based artist, best known for his architectural murals. His drawings, prints, gouaches, and models may be found in the collections of many museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has received awards including the AIA Medal of Honor, 1977; Guggenheim Fellowship, 1983; National Endowment of Arts award, 1987; Distinguished Alumnus Award University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1991; and Jimmy Ernst Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters, 2005. He was elected a National Academician in 1993, was a member of the Academy Council 2001-2010, chaired the Abbey Committee for ten years, and was President of the Academy 2009-2011.