Ruth Miller, Melon, Curtain, Green Tea Pot


During this pandemic, my studio has been a refuge, a haven, from the outside world. I go there, I shut the door, and a sense of normalcy returns. I have to believe that my engagement with painting matters–that that dialogue endures, is deeply human, and connective during times of change and challenge.
Artwork Info
Date 2018
Dimensions 14 x 20 inches
Medium Oil on linen
Artist Info
Born Columbia, MO
Works Washington Depot, CT


Ruth Miller (b. 1930), a painter of still life and landscape, lives and works in Washington Depot, Connecticut. Although working occasionally from memory, the artist paints mostly from observation. For her, no two cabbages, no two pitchers, are alike; each object has its unique and formal presence, with attention paid to the way forms press against each other and shape the space around them. Miller studied at the University of Missouri and the Art Students League, but it was within the charged atmosphere of 10th Street in New York City in the Fifties that Miller formed her lasting commitment to painting. Miller is a member of the National Academy of Design and has most recently shown at John Davis Gallery, Lohin Geduld Gallery, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.