Wendy Evans Joseph, Up From the People: Protest and Change in DC


STUDIO JOSEPH is a nationally recognized architecture studio based in New York City. Since 1998, the firm has built a reputation in the realms of building design, adaptive reuse, and exhibition installation. We specialize in history, community learning, and social justice. In this regard, we forge meaningful collaborations between institutional leadership and educational professionals. We enjoy the challenge of new parameters, unexpected requirements, and messy sites, but throughout all of these explorations, our most meaningful projects center around public learning. Our designs alter meaning and place, helping bring together different constituencies through active participation, research, and respect for cultural diversity. Creative planning for accessibility, universal design and highly sustainable directives that respect resources are an integral part of our philosophy. Studio Joseph is a registered WBE nationally and in New York City. The firm is part of New York City’s Department of Design and Construction’s Design Excellence program.
Artwork Info
Date Opened April 2021
Dimensions 8340 square feet permanent exhibition
Medium Exhibition design: Architecture, display, and media
Collaborators Media: Bluecadet, Graphic Design: Workhorse, AV Integration / Fabrication: Kubik Maltbie, Community Engagement: Openbox
Exhibition Location Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC
Artist Info
Born New York, NY
Works New York, NY
Supplementary Downloads
Up From the People: Protest and Change in DC. A permanentexhibition for the MLK Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C. [PDF]
A guidebook of learnings, goals, and recommendations derived from local DC community research and testingfor the exhibition at MLK Jr. Memorial Library [PDF]

Reflecting on this Year

We pledge to use our skills and creativity to make more profound change, to bring equity through empathy respect.

Reflecting on this Year

Studio Joseph is a small studio comprised of diverse individuals from different nations. We revile bigotry, social injustice, and polic brutality. As exhibition designers, we have the privilege of helping amplify voices that are silenced. As architects, we have the power to advance the design and presence of public buildings in underserved communities. While we are proud of our work, we realize that we can do more, and we pledge to use our skills and creativity to make a more profound change. Education, empathy, and equity are at the forefront of our studio’s philosophy. The pandemic separated us physically, causing us to rethink our methods of working creatively, but we did not let it force us to step outside our core principles. We doubled down and have only taken on clients who commit to making the world a better place for everyone.
“Missing Voices”, a Memorial Proposal for Princeton University, talks to the complex legacy of Woodrow Wilson as a world leader and racist. A multitude of bronze markers embedded in the plaza’s pavement, coupled with a digital format that give strength to a community of voices, speak to the importance of listening and sharing to create a more equitable society.
“Americans” is a permanent exhibition at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. The museum includes the visitor in questioning how America’s difficult and often brutal past with Native Peoples also includes the ubiquity of imagery and reference in culture, language, and landscape.
“Senses: Design Beyond Vision”: a temporary exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Equity means acknowledging that we all experience the world in different ways. A bold armature supports design strategies that bring people closer. Tactile, haptic, audial, and multisensory exhibits open a visceral, shared experience.


Wendy Evans Joseph is the founder of STUDIO JOSEPH, an architecture and exhibition design firm based in New York City. Ms. Joseph is a recipient of the Rome Prize in Architecture from the American Academy in Rome, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and an Academician of the National Academy of Design. She was the president of the New York Chapter of the AIA, chairman of the AIA National Committee of Design, president of the Architectural League of New York, and is currently the president of the National Academy of Design. Wendy’s work with the community has been in the arenas of art, culture, and theatre. Wendy holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Before founding Studio Joseph, she had a distinguished decade-long tenure at Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.